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Objectives: The aim of this pilot study was to explore whether participation in a three day intervention involving horseback riding in nature– a program specifically designed for autistic children and their families called "Horse Boy Camps" - improves child outcomes in terms of social and cognitive functioning, as well as in parental and sibling well-being.

Methods: Child and family outcomes were measured for 6 families who attended a three-day Horse Boy Camp. There was one autistic child per family who attended the camp (3 male and 3 female; M age = 9.17; SD = 2.23).

Results: The study found marginally significant improvements in terms of autistic children's movement sensitivity and sensory and cognitive awareness. In addition parents reported marginally significant improvements in their marital relationship and a trend towards improvement in their autistic child's relationship with their siblings. A trend towards reduced levels of anxiety in the parent was also found.

Conclusions: Horse Boy Camps are a promising intervention for children with autism and their families.

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The Long Ride Home

The long awaited sequel of the Horse Boy.


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Research: Jenny


This section is created and supported by Jenny Lockwood. Jenny is our research assistant. She has a first from Edinburgh and a Masters in Education Psychology at UT Austin.

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