The Horse Boy Movement Method Team

Horse Boy founder Rupert Isaacson teamed up - in 2009 - with Jenny Hewitt from Edinburgh University, who not only became Rowan's primary teacher from that date onward but also conducted the first study into Horse Boy Method at the University of Texas in 2013 where she completed her Masters of Education.The study found, improved neuro-cognitive awareness (how information goes from the nervous system to the brain) and improved family dynamics, essential for a healthily functioning special needs family. Jenny came up with many of the kinetic learning techniques we use in Movement Method. She is assisted by Sonia Sofia Ricci Bitti, who received her Masters of Pedagogy from the University of Bologna in Italy and who now helps us create customized IEPs for parents with kids on the spectrum and with ADD/ADHA. Mentoring both Jenny and Sonia Sofia is Dr. Kristin Neff, professor of Developmental Psychology, University of Texas at Austin, Department of Education.


mmteam arabellacarterjohnson tnArabella Carter-Johnson

We are very excited that Arabella Carter-Johnson has joined the Movement Method Team. Arabella and her daughter Iris Grace discovered a world of learning through art, movement, nature, and the intercession of animals, most particularly Iris's cat, Thula who - as Betsy did with Rowan - became the medium through which this extraordinarily talented girl began to communicate with the exterior world. The results - published in Arabella's historic book, Iris Grace - speak for themselves: paintings done by a little non-verbal girl that rival the works of Monet. Paintings that give us a window on the interchange between the human mind and soul. All Iris Grace's education has been tailored to her love of nature, art, animals and now she is becoming more and more verbal, her learning more advanced, while at the same time she has established herself as a true professional already. If anyone truly understands the Movement Method tenets its Arabella Carter-Johnson. See the fruits of her and Iris Grace's kinetic learning genius here:

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mmteam KristinBarnettSparkKristine Barnett

Kristine Barnett's son Jacob began life a a severely affected, non verbal child. He is now 18 an getting his Phd (yes at 18!) in quantum physics at the University of Guelph in Canada. The story of how they got there is told in her remarkable book, The Spark. Kristine's combination of maths and science games with showing parents how to put together a social learning environment (what she calls 'Activity Clubs') while homeschooling puts her at the cutting edge of kinetic learning, and the results speak for themselves - not just with her own son jacob but with other moms who have been inspired to follow her lead and create similar learning clubs. However as with the Horse Boy team, and Arabella's insights, Kristine's strategies work just as well in classroom as in homeschool environments and also just as well for general as for special ed.




mmteam dralfredzieglerDr. Alfred Ziegler

Dr Ziegler sits on the faculty of Physics at the University of Osnabruek in Germany. Along with Dr Kristin Neff from the University of Texas, he provides academic oversight for Movement Method and in particular shows us how to adapt the K-12 maths and science curricula for kinetic learners. Everything from the most basic numeracy to higher math concepts such as statistics, gemoetry, calculation of area, pi and more - Dr Ziegler has provided us with an ever growing collection of incredibly effective exercises that are so fun the children have almost no idea they are learning! A genius and leader is his field, Dr Ziegler takes a particular interest in autisct and ADD/ADHD kids, regarding them as the leaders and scientists of the future.

Find out more about Dr. Alfred Ziegler: (article in German)

The Long Ride Home

The long awaited sequel of the Horse Boy.


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