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'Over my time in Texas I learnt so much which has inspired my career goals. I gained knowledge and experience within the movement method, this has increased my confidence in sharing information toparents and carers and has given me a greater insight to the theory. 

I have been able to take my stress-free dressage training back to our sessions, which benefits the horses, students and staff. I also developed my professional demeanor and learnt the importance of team work. I made lifelong friends with other students who were from all around the world, now I have opportunities to visit them in their international Horse Boy centres. I believe I came back from Texas as a more developed professional. Having a better understanding of the theory behind Horse Boy has allowed me to re-evaluate the ways in which I would train a horse. 

My advice for future students is simple, the more you put into this the more you will gain. Work hard, take notes at every opportunity, remember to laugh lots, eat plenty and have fun this is a once in a life time experience and it goes far too quickly.3 words to describe New Trails - Magical, Challenging and Empowering! 'Gabrielle Brooke


'It all started about six years ago when I first came across the book called 'The Horse Boy'. At that time I was really interested in zoo therapy and horses - how animals could help to reach people. This book was a revelation for me! I wanted to help people through horses.

By the time I managed to go to New Trails, I had horses at home and had read a lot about the Horse Boy method, but I also came to the conclusion that at 21 yrs old I could not start a center in Québec on my own. I went to Texas having in mind that my trip there would help my dreams come true. It would probably not come true before many, many years but this was a starting point. As it turns out my time in Texas offered me even more than I ever expected.
I learnt a lot about how to train horses and why to do so in that way which helped me to understand and interact with my horses at home. I discovered new ways to be with kids, not only those on the spectrum either. I can now understand some of the struggle of people on the spectrum which helps me to create an autistic friendly environment at the day camps I work at. I met many amazing people from across the world that made my stay there wonderful and each of them taught me something different about life.

But the most surprising for me is the opportunities that going to New Trails opened for me. I now have the opportunity to continue Horseboy and Movement Method across the world in different centers. I was also put in contact with people starting a pilot project in Québec where I now have the chance to help putting the project together and where I will be able to volunteer during playdates. Just as I was dreaming of a few months earlier, except on a bigger scale than I could have done by myself. It also offers me the possibility to write a thesis on the horseboy method, to further develop myself and the knowledge I gained in Texas.

I would describe my stay as a working student at New Trails as a dream, 'miracle grow' or whisperer, an eye opener and the perfect workout (mind and spirit) for a student after a year with her nose in books. To all those future working students out there, I would say be fearless, offer to help in anyway you can, you learn from every little thing you do in New Trails. Take the time to speak with the people living there, they are amazing and you can learn tones of stuff from them in an informal context and smile, it’s a life time adventure' 

A huge thank you to you and Josh you both were fantastic teachers both Suzi and I really learned great skills. You both were both very patient with us we truly appreciate all the help and words of encouragement. I am so glad we met not only you but the great people you work with. I truly am looking forward to working with all of you. I also have to say you have a absolutely adorable baby boy. I promise everything you have taught us will be used. 
Thank you 


I did this workshop [HBM1] with Rupert last year at Square Peg here in CA.

It is the **awesomest*** workshop I have ever taken in my 12 years in EAL—and I don’t even work w/ kids.
Do not miss this and do the rider version if you can!

thank you so much, i can see a difference already.  last week the boys were beasts all day, i thought i was going to go crazy.  When they came home from Horseboy, they were like angels, happy, pleasant, playing nice together, I almost fell over.  I asked Chris can we go every  I couldn't believe the difference in their behavior,it was nite and day.  You are miracle workers because we have meds that won't calm them and you did with a horse.  God Bless you and the horse.  I will have Chris fill out the survey.

We had our first HB session today! A 21 yr old that lives in a group home with constant supervision, he is verbal but full on autistic, not mild autism by any means. A nice natured boy, loves roller coasters, amusement parks and music. There was no standing around, he needed to be busy and had to get him up on Gracie right away. I long lined her with him on her and trotted, which he loved! Gracie was perfect!

I feel happy about it and they will come on a regular basis and start bringing other individuals as well. The ball is roll'in and I had other sessions as well this week and 2 more tomorrow.

Suz : )

vickieA magical location with the most amazing people, who perform miracles daily and make dreams come true.

The work that the Horse Boy Foundation does with autistic children and, just as importantly, their whole family is well documented. The spectacular results this committed group has achieved with so many families not only left me speechless at the pure joy every child expressed in their own unique way but the honest, heartfelt invitation to become part of a mutual support network left me moved to the core of my soul.

The invitation extends past those affected by autism; to vulnerable individuals, to young offenders, to anyone with a will to contribute and in October 2013 to me. Wrestling with stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety and depression, needing to make some fundamental changes to my life, I was privileged to spend 3 weeks at New Trails, the Texan home of Horse Boy, and be the beneficiary of their expansion into personal development.

A classic overachiever, believing professional success was the only way to personal security and happiness, I had isolated myself. When I became too distraught to continue working in the office and I was told to take a minimum of 6 weeks off, my fear failure and of losing any kind of future became completely overwhelming. As I started to bring the fatigue under control and become a little physically fitter I knew I had to get some structure back into my life and find a reason to interact with people again. However having always believed "if you don't go to school, you can't go out to play", and being effectively banned from going back to work, I had no concept of how to start living again rather than simply surviving.

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nikkireno I was fortunate to be offered the opportunity to spend three months at the Horse Boy Foundation's headquarters in Texas, having been involved with Horse Boy camps and activities in the UK for three years. I run a therapeutic horsemanship centre in the UK where we work with disabled and disadvantaged people with horses, and as I became more involved with Horse Boy it became clear that I needed to improve my riding skills to be able to offer Horse Boy work to its full potential.

I had been struggling with my confidence around riding for a few years, and my anxiety around riding new horses, cantering and trail riding had reached a point where I knew I had to face my fears head on or I would never be able to ride to the level I needed to work effectively with my clients. I was honestly at the point where I was considering giving up altogether and my anxiety was having a hugely detrimental effect on my life.

When I arrived in Texas it became clear just how severe my anxiety was. I was nervous to canter in the arena on a very quiet horse, I had a complete meltdown the first time I went out for a trail ride, and at the age of 36, having not even thought about jumping for at least ten years, the thought of facing a fence again terrified me.

I began having lessons with Rupert and Iliane and it soon became clear to me that this was a once in a life time opportunity to develop my riding skills and learn a new perspective around training and riding with their beautiful horses. I was able to feel piaffe and passage on their schoolmasters, develop my seat on the lunge, experience airs above the ground and face my fear of trail riding and jumping in a supportive environment where I felt safe and understood.

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Thank you for taking time out to visit Conquest.  We had amazing feedback from the families on the playdate, and they have all asked when you are coming back!  The kids seemed to take big steps forwards when you guys were here.  We had a further breakthrough on Thurs.  Maddy , a girl I ride with, saw Saffie & I on Dylan.  She seemed horrified at the thought of me riding with someone else, and talked about nothing else all session.  After her session, Maddy’s mum reported that she wouldn’t get in the car.  She wanted to look for Saffie.  Luckily Saffie’s session is straight after, so off they went and found her, approached her and Maddy said hello to her.  Maddy has never done anything like that before!  Dylan seems to have taught her first steps in making friends.  What an amazing pony.

Anyway, thanks again for your support – always happy to return the favour. ~Chantal


Your program inspired me to back ride with Camelot students. That was a big part of my reason for being at your workshop, that and to learn new ways to get these boys happy in saddle. :-)

DSC 5013

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