All Practitioners and Mentors are Independent and solely responsible for their actions. Horse Boy strives to ensure excellent services being delivered by each Practitioner and Mentor but is not responsible for any Practitioners or Mentors actions. Complains about Practitioners and Mentors can be submitted to and we will evaluate if this Practitioner or Mentor has violated Horse Boy policies and procedures and should be removed from our list of Practitioners/Mentors, however Horse Boy cannot and will not attempt to recover damages for you and you agree to hold Horse Boy harmless by engaging with Practitioners/Mentors in any activity.

Individuals not listed on our Independent Practitioner or Mentor list on the website are not authorized to advertise Horse Boy Services of any kind and should be reported to Horse Boy immediately.


Practitioners and Mentors must be 18 years or older. Minors are allowed to participate in Horse Boy Method and Movement Method workshop and will receive a certification of participation but will not be able to register as Horse Boy Method Practitioner or Movement Method Mentors. Minors are allowed to be Tribe members of Independent Horse Boy Tribes. All minors activities must at all times be supervised by qualified adults certified in Horse Boy Method or Movement Method within the Independent Horse Boy Tribe and these adults must take full responsibility and liability of the minor’s safety and well-being as well as their actions.

The Long Ride Home

The long awaited sequel of the Horse Boy.


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Cron Job Starts