Independent Practitioners, Mentors and Official Centers

hbt5starHorse Boy Tribe: have at least two certified members, fulfilled at least all requirements for Horse Boy Method 1 and Horse Boy Learning 1.
hbt5starHorse Boy Method: fulfilled at least all requirements for Horse Boy Method 1 and offers services with horses.
hbt5starHorse Boy Learning: fulfilled at least all requirements for Horse Boy Learning 1 and offers kinetic learning services without horses.

Practitoners, Mentors and Tribes are rated from Basic Practioner/Mentor through 5 Star Practitioner/Tribe and 3 Star Mentor depending on the courses the individual member has completed. Horse Boy cannot gurantee a Practitioners, Tribes, or Mentors services but all people listed here have fulfilled all requirements for their level including but not limited to video submission of work with children and horses, case studies and testimonials.

Basic Practitioners/Tribes/Mentors are only qualified to offer "One-Family-Sessions", 2 Star and higher Mentors and Practitioners can work with more than one family at a time and offer Horse Boy Pladyates. Independent over night Horse Boy Camps can ony be run by 4 Star or higher Practitioners.

Horse Boy Certified Centers

Kathrin Mitscherlich

Seftigenstrasse 202
3084 BE
Horse Boy Learning, no horses right now.
  • Outdoor Arena
Practitioner, Mentor or Tribe Acreditation:
  • Horse Boy Method 1: Rider
  • Horse Boy Method 2: Preparing the Horse Boy Horse
  • Horse Boy Method 3: Running Playdates
  • Rowan's Lady - New Trails Working Student
  • 3 months New Trails Apprenticeship
  • Horse Boy Learning 1
Date first certified: Febuary 2012
Date last Continuous Education : February 2013

Kathrin Mitscherlich

Seftigenstrasse 202 Wabern, BE Switzerland 3084

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