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Using horses to help children with neuro-cognitive conditions

For: Equine Therapists, Teachers, Parents

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Horse Boy Method is the only equine therapy specifically designed for neuro-cognitive conditions.

That includes: Autism, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and more.

Traditional therapeutic riding is designed for physical disability but not for the brain and nervous system. Therapeutic riding barns are experiencing a tsunami of neuro-cognitive clients.

Add Horse Boy Method to your existing program and you will be at the cutting edge.


Take the first level (Horse Boy Method 1: The basics and running one-family sessions) so that you can get going now.

The online course is even better than a live course because we really have time in the video to show how specific brain games are set up and run, and you see the most holistic use of the horse possible from creating oxytocin in a child's body to stimulating the learning centers of the brain to calming the nervous system. We have spent years putting this online course together to make it the best it an possibly be. It's all here!

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Cost: $150

What will be covered?

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The course is structured very similarly to our Horse Boy Method 1 Live course, but goes into more detail for many of the sections. The course has 12 sections each followed by an easy quiz. The section cover:

  1. Intro/Theory
  2. How to create the ideal Environment
  3. Sensory work
  4. Countdowns to prepare your horse
  5. Trail ride with Freddy to learn to interact with the child
  6. Complete Horse Boy Method 1 Training Video
  7. Rule Based Games and Theory of Mind
  8. Social Skills and Cause and Effect
  9. Academics
  10. Long-lining and Self Advocacy
  11. Guidelines/Ethics
  12. Conclusion and Dream Whisperers

The course is approximately 40 videos of about 10-15 minutes each. For each video we list the 10 most important points to remember as well as suggest a few exercises for you to complete to get a better understanding of the subject and to start thinking about how this information is relevant to you and your location/business.


IMPORTANT: To complete all requirements for becoming an Independent Basic Horse Boy Method Practitioners online participants will also have to register for our Practitioner Evaluation (cost: $225). You can decide after you have finished the course if you want to become an Independent Practitioner and then register for evaluation.
Online Membership to our website is not included in this course. If you want to become a Practitioner you will have to become a Gold Member.

The purchase of the course gives you 365 days of access to complete the course. If you do not complete the course in that time you will have to repurchase and restart the course and its quizzes.

After completing the course, if you are wanting to become an Independent Horse Boy Practitioner, please contact us to start your evaluation phase. Details and costs for the evaluation phase and membership to upkeep your status can be found here.


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