Trainers & Team


The father/son pair who started it all. Rupert is the creative force behind Horse Boy, Rowan is his mentor, teacher and muse. Together all aspects of Horse Boy begin and from there the wider team helps to develop each aspect.

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Originally from Germany, Iliane helped Rupert to develop and systemize the six stages of Horse Boy Method and Horse Boy Learning, as well as Horse Boy Horsemanship and Stress Free Dressage. She co-produces all Horse Boy training media, runs the programs at New Trails in Texas and travels with Rupert giving demos and workshops of all aspects of Horse Boy.

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Sonia Sofia Ricci Bitti received a BA in Education from the University of Rome and an MA in Pedagogy from the University of Bologna where she graduated cum laude. She has dedicated her life so far to working with children with disabilities including down's syndrome and autism and has a huge amount of experience with both. Sonia Sofia first came to Horse Boy in 2013 in order to complete an internship for her masters degree. After spending three months with us she was hooked and has become more and more involved in our kinetic learning program both in Europe and in the USA. She is now qualified as a Movement Method Trainer and hosts workshops and parent trainings across North America and Europe. 

Resident in Paris, France, and a demon publicist and organizer, Alexandra is trilingual – English, French and Romanian and also (though only her close friends know this) a trained concert violinist. She helps co-ordinate the Horse Boy Foundation and workshops in Europe and is the contact person for trainings and demos in the UK, France, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands and other territories.

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The Long Ride Home

The long awaited sequel of the Horse Boy.


longridehome 4