Our Horses

It’s important – obviously, to get the right equine team together. Here is our team.  Betsy 24 year old quarter horse mare, Clue 13 year old quarter horse gelding, Hope 14 year old quarter horse mare, Marvel 17 year old Dutch warmblood gelding, Spriti 6 year old Mustang Gelding, Tanwen 12 year old Spanish/TB mare, Reno 17 year old Spanish gelding, Breac 17 year old Warmblood mare, Manilla 6 year old quarter horse mare, Taz 12 year old quarter horse gelding, Zagalote 8 year old Lusitano stallion, Bucephalus 5 year old Lusitano Stallion, Conquistador 5 year old Lusitano Stallion, Helios 4 week old Lusitano/Warmbloods cross.

The point here is that we have a motley selection of horses – they are selected on personality rather than breed or specific training. Because we live with them, we know them well, and there is a lot of trust between us. Half the battle of getting the right equine team together is really, really spending time with your herd.  We also do a lot of dressage, jumping and trail riding other work to make the week more interesting for them. In fact we do a lot of our dressage training on the trail – we call this Stress Free Dressage and offer courses and trainings for this for horse and rider – if youre interested in learning this and we promise its fun), contact us about it.

horses clue

A Colorado bred quarter horse, great with kids, jumps, bows, does Spanish Walk,  Jambettes (presenting the front legs to waves and shake hands), Smile, Pedestal Work, is working on his Piaffe (trot on the spot) and Terre a Terre (canter on the spot) and has a knack of working very gently with kids that have experienced trauma. The George Clooney of horses  - he's a handsome devil, and affable with it. He gives up the tricks work really when the kids cue him kids and teaches newbee volunteers how to trick-train. He’s also amazing for sensory work. Few horses are as generally versatile as Clue.

horses hope

A 14 year old Texas Quarter Horse, her main job is to be very, very quiet – not the prettiest horse in the pasture but makes up for it with gentleness and all round coolness. Can smile, do Jambettes and helps us with sensory work with parents and children.
It also turns out that Hope was a horse of hidden talents. She never told us she could jump. Now we know... Hope is also our long lining champ and teaches volunteers and students how collected a quarter horse can trot in long lines.

horses spirit

Spirit is a Mustang, caught wild down near Big Bend in the Chihuahua Desert, on the  Mexican/American border. At only 6 years old and feisty, he isn’t a child’s horse to ride, but the children help with his training, especially his bow, his Smile, and his Jambettes. The kids can also cue Spirit how to levade (rear on command) from the ground. Spirit is also working on his Piaffe and jumps like a dream, especially when the kids tell him to. Hes a good example of how you can bring a hot horse into a therapeutic program.

horses figo

Figo is Josh's horse. He is a 12 year old Oldenburg- Irish Draft cross. He came all the way from England to work here with us with the kids. Josh competed Figo in upper level dressage classes in the UK. They even made it to Hartpury one of the most prestigious shows in the UK and were reserve champion in their class. Since being here Figo has worked with countless children who especially love his collected canter and has also given moms and dads some special horse time.

Figo also participates in our Stress Free Dressage courses and is particularly helpful in letting people experience laterals, collection, flying changes, piaffe, passage and Spanish walk.

horses conqui

A Lusitano stallion Conqui is in his early stages of training but is already a hit as a trick horse and loves the kids. A real ambassador for his level-headed breed

horses reno

When is a 17 hands horse a 15 hands horse? Reno is the proof that a sway back need not hold you back from your dreams. Spanish (P.R.E) and until quite recently a stallion he like Marvel is super chilled a talented dressage dude and he is busy learning his tricks, and finding his expression as an arists. Reno has an amazing collected canter and is our softest and probably sweetest horse. Reno is also a champ on the long lines and lunge line and teaches people how to reach collection.

horses taz

horses tanwen

Tanwen is Spirit’s girlfriend. Together they form the terrible twins. They even ended up in jail before when they escaped from the pasture together and had to be picked up by the sherriff.. She has only recently been started and can have a rear and buck in her. For that reason the kids will never ride her. However she just started working on airs with her and we hope that she - just like Spirit - will help the kids through liberty acts. Tanwen loves to jump and is a prime candidate for more experienced riders that are looking for combined training and dressage versatility. She can easily clear 5’.


The horse that started it all. A grumpy quarter horse mare, Betsy becomes miraculously ungrumpy around very young children. She enters a different, almost other worldly state with special needs kids – she half closes her eye, lets her lower lip drop and wont move a muscle, no matter what the distraction as long as they are around her. She has no tricks. All she has to do is be Betsy and let her healing mojo do its thing. Her specialty is sensory work and the ultra collected canter – both for children and volunteer back-riders; She is the one who really teaches people how it’s done.

horses breac

Breac is a mare on a mission and as long as she can go forward she is very happy. She just recently started piaffe and passage and starts to be really good at her laterals. She loves to jump and clears anything you will point her at. However, once in the long lines, she becomes one of our best horses for the academics on horseback.

horses eckie

Eckie is a Dutch warmblood – our piaffe, passage and flying changes schoolmaster hes great with kids, and helps us with our stree-free dressage as well as camps and playdates

horses marvel

Marvel is a 16.3 hands Dutch Warmblood. Officially a dressage horse, in his secret life a jumper – jumps 5’ without any problem -  and pretend Zebra. Likes art and is always available as a general calming influence for those who need to chill out a little. Marvel learned true collection with Scub (Rowan) on board and a big western saddle. As soon as a child is in the saddle he offers nearly terre a terre canter steps. Marvel is a master in laterals and is now working flying changes. He is one of our favorite for students more interested in the dressage versatility side of things. He loves to play tag! He also just started his canter work in the long lines.

The Long Ride Home

The long awaited sequel of the Horse Boy.


longridehome 4