Other Team Members

Don’t come to Horse Boy just expecting to meet horses. We are also home to a motley crew of other animals from dogs to rabbits to pigs to exotic breeds like coatis and porcupines. Many of these animals regularly attend the playdates we offer for children up to the age of 12 and others are involved in our teenage and young adult groups. Each of the animals listed below is a valuable team member who gives their all to help children on a daily basis. So without further ado please meet the animals of, as Rowan calls it, The New Trails Zoo.

Rowan sometimes offers Zoo tours to interested individuals. This is a rare thing as we want to make sure that he doesn't feel pushed to have to take people through the zoo. He also about once a month goes to a local school with one of his animals and teaches the kids there about that animal. This seems to work particularly good for Montesori and similar schools. If you are interested in having one of our zoo animals to come to your school or to tour the "New Trails Zoo" please contact Jenny: info@horseboyworld.com 

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Our four dogs, Tex, Bo, Luna and Bruce are some of our most valuable and popular team members. They do everything from pulling carts, to playing fetch, to having their nails painted to even occasionally riding the horse to show the kids it’s a safe place to be.


Our three resident cats Shadow (female), Joyce (male) and Abigail (male) are some of our most active playdate participants. They often come running when they hear the kids call for them and can be regularly seen following the horse (or even occasionally riding the horse) through the woods.


Professor Utonium is our resident bunny genius and can often be found teaching kids everything that need to learn from numbers to colors to shapes. He is often joined by his assistants Dr. Jeykll and Bubbles.


Salty, Vinegar and Pepper the rats probably attend more playdates and are played with by more kids than any of our other animals. Their curious nature makes them a firm favorite with everyone and they even come out to camps with us in the Texas Hill Country four times a year.


Ronnie, Henrietta and Frainey the pot bellied pigs may be fat but they can certainly move fast on occasion. They often make their own way down to playdates and are happy to accepts any scraps that may be on offer. Frainey is even trained to sit on command.

Goats & Ibexes

Lily and Lola the pygmy goats have been with us for years and despite their stubborn nature are a firm favorite with many of the kids even submitting to being painted on occasion.Dexter, the Nubian Ibex, is the wild ancestors of domesticated goats (think wolf to dog). They love nothing more than to be taken for walks by the kids. 

Pategonian Cavy

Bo and Carrie are two of the newest additions to our family. Originally from South America they are the fourth largest rodent in the world. They look like a cross between a large rabbit and a baby deer and are currently very shy but time and attention is getting them used to people.


We currently own two fallow and two sika deer but will be adding to our collection shortly. All four of our deer are now at the stage where they will happily eat from your hand and enjoy working with your teenage and young adult group.


Bubblesl is a African Crested porcupines which originate in Northern Italy and parts of Africa. Her favorite food is sweet potatoes and bananas and she loves to be taken for walks and have her bellies scratched. She works with members of our teenage and young adult group and is part of Rowan’s animal education program.

The Long Ride Home

The long awaited sequel of the Horse Boy.


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