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Debbie Scottney: Of all the autism training I've done, the Horseboy has been the best! Uses logic from both neurotypical and autistic points of view, with the added scientific research to back it up. Fabulous!

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  • Special Needs Parents

    Horse Boy is serving special needs families by offering community, information, courses and help. Our mission is to help parents help themselves in any setting and any situation and to end their isolation. 

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  • Parents supplementing education

    More and more parents know how important it is to supplement their child's education. We can help parents that are looking to start supplementing what their child learns, as well as help seasoned home- or unschoolers optimize their child's education outside in nature through play and exploration. 

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  • Therapists (OT, ABA, Speach, etc.)

    We know how challenging it can be to keep the parents, the childrens and your practices best interest at heart. Horse Boy helps you understand the brain science and helps you forumlate an approach that helps your clients reach their maximum potential in a fun, playbased, pressure free, natural environment that sets your kids up for success. 

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  • Teachers (Special-Needs or not; Public or Private)

    Teachers today in special needs or regular settings have to deal more and more with ADD, ADHD, autism and other neuro-psychiatric conditions. Horse Boy helps you understand how these children learn and gives you easy to apply tools to reach even the most challenging children. These tools can be applied in any classroom. 

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  • Therapeutic Riding Instructors (PATH, RDA, etc.)

    Regular therapeutic riding is fantastic for physical disabilities which it was designed for. Today's therapeutic riding centers are getting overrun with children on the autism spectrum or other neuro-psychiatric conditions. Learn how these childrens brains work differently and how you can easily supplement your current approach to serve them even better. 

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  • Riders (Dressage and other) In Quest of Learning

    To produce safe horses the Horse Boy Team as learned from the best mentors in the world and created an easy to follow system based on classical dressage that will help horse and rider have a safer and more fun ride and (if desired) move into the high school levels of dressage. Benefit from the decades of experience and knowledge we have compiled. Click here to learn how to get started. Also check out our Lusitano Stallions available at stud.


In Memorium Betsy

In Memorium: Betsy -

Welcome to Horse Boy - We have 3 Programs


Movement Method

Kids must move. Research has shown the connection between physical movement and learning. We show you how.


Horse Boy Learning

We show you how to teach the national curriculum Kinetic Learning for home-schoolers and class-rooms alike.

HorseBoyMethod tn

Horse Boy Method

Horses helping children with autism and other neuro-psychiatric conditions communicate and learn. 


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Online Certification - Get Trained

Become a Horse Boy Method Practitioner or Horse Boy Learning Mentor. Online Certification available as well as Live Workshops. Click for details. 


Horse Boy Foundation

Scholarships for families and professionals.



How it all began Rupert's and Rowan's trip through Mongolia. 

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Services for Families

Sessions, Playdates, Camps and Practitioners or Mentors near you. 

Research Autism Therapy Horse Boy


The science behind it all. 

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Horse Boy Learning revolves around the principle of follow the child. You have to be flexible in your agenda, allow the student the freedom to find th...

In Memorium: Betsy

To all Horse Boyers, At 12 noon Wednesday May 13, 2015 Betsy, the horse that started all things Horse Boy passed away peacefully in her home pastur...

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